What we do...

CIUSR provides highly trained professional volunteers to assist fire departements, law enformcement and emergency management agencies in the case of missing persons or items underwater. We arrive on scene with fully trained and equipped divers, support personnel, canines and handlers. We are fully equipped to effectively and safely complete all underwater operations.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Evidence recovery/documentation
  • Swift water rescue/recovery
  • Ice rescue/recovery
  • Lake search and recovery


Why Public Safety Diving?

Unlike recreational divers, we do not choose the weather, water or diving conditions. Therefore, additional training is required of our divers and shore personnel to assure our safety and the legal safety of the agency who deploys us. In addition, response time maybe a life or death situation for the person we have been called to assist. This requires advanced training to respond quickly and safely. When looking for a diving instructor we recommend checking certifications and keeping in mind that the training you recieve could mean the difference between life and death, for you and for the person you might be called to rescue.