Joining CIUSR

We would be very excited to have you join the team. As part of the application process we would like to get to know you. Please plan on attending several trainings before joining the team. Please send us an emailif you have questions.


When do you train?
We train the third Sunday of every month. Usually starting at 9am with a team meeting and training most of the day. Depending on skill levels additional trainings may be added.

Do I have to be a diver?
No, we have non divers, K9's and K9 handlers all on our team.

What dive certification to you require?
Ifyou do have your open water (SDI,PADI, SSI, DAN, etc) certification that is sufficient to start training with us. We will assist in getting you the training needed to advance your skills and hopefully become certified.

What type of water do you dive in?
Most, if not all, water in Iowa is considered black water. Therefore, the majority of our searching is done by feel. We will dive in swift water(rivers) only if it is safe.

What sort of things do you look for?
We look for whatever the agency would like us to. Everything from a body recovery to potential evidence. We also work extensively with the Special Olympics to serve as water safety for their Polar Plunges. In those cases we pick up trash.

How often do you get deployed?
That entirely depends on the year. Sometimes we are extremely busy, other times it might be months without a deployment. However, we are on call 24/7. Sometimes we are deployed but are told to stand down while en route. On average, we arrive on scene and search at five to ten incidents per year.